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Mar 14, 1922

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History Facts:

14-03-1629 Royal charter grants Mass Bay Colony
14-03-1644 England grants patent for Providence Plantations (now RI)
14-03-1743 1st American town meeting (Boston's Faneuil Hall)
14-03-1794 Eli Whitney patents cotton gin
14-03-1855 1st train crosses Niagara suspension bridge
14-03-1870 Calif legislature approves act making Golden Gate Park possible
14-03-1883 Karl Marx dies
14-03-1896 Sutro Baths opens by Cliff House (closed Sept 1 - 1952)
14-03-1900 US currency goes on gold standard
14-03-1903 1st natl bird reservation established in Sebastian - FL
14-03-1923 Pres Harding became 1st pres filing income tax report
14-03-1931 1st theatre built for rear movie projection (NYC)
14-03-1935 36-Folsom becomes 1st line to use 1-man streetcars
14-03-1948 Freedom Train arrives in SF
14-03-1951 During Korean War - UN forces recaptured Seoul
14-03-1964 Dallas jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of Lee Harvey Oswald murder
14-03-1965 Israeli cabinet approves diplomatic relations with W Germany
14-03-1967 JFK's body moved from temporary grave to a permanent memorial
14-03-1975 Susan Hayward dies at 56
14-03-1980 Polish airliner crash kills all 87 aboard (22 are US amateur boxers)
14-03-1983 OPEC cut oil prices for 1st time in 23 years
14-03-1986 European Space Agency's Giotto flies by Halley's Comet (540 km)

Famous Birthdays:

14-03-1681 Georg Philipp Telemann, German late baroque composer
14-03-1804 Johann Strauss, composer
14-03-1821 Jens Worsaae, Denmark, archeologist
14-03-1833 Lucy Hobbs Taylor, 1st American woman dentist
14-03-1835 Giovanni Schiaparelli, discovered Martian canals
14-03-1854 Thomas Riley Marshall, (D), 28th VP (1913-21)
14-03-1864 Casey Jones, RR engineer
14-03-1879 Albert Einstein, relative, E = mcĂ˝ (Nobel 1921), Ulm, Germany
14-03-1912 Les Brown, Bandleader
14-03-1919 Max Shulman, novelist
14-03-1920 Cartoonist Hank Ketcham, (Dennis the Menace)
14-03-1922 Colin Fletcher
14-03-1928 Frank Borman, astronaut (Gemini 7, Apollo 8), Eastern Airline pres
14-03-1933 Michael Caine, Engl Actor (Blame it on Rio)
14-03-1933 Quincy Jones, composer, singer (We are the World)
14-03-1934 Eugene A. Cernan, astronaut (Gemini 9, Apollo 10, 17)
14-03-1942 Rita Tushingham, Actress, Liverpool
14-03-1947 Billy Crystal, comedian (SNL)
14-03-1958 Prince Albert, Monaco

Date Format By Country

Afghanistan, Japan : 1922-03-14
Argentina, Bahrain, Barbados, Bolivia, Brunei, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oman, Palau, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe : 14-03-1922
Federated States of Micronesia : 03-14-1922
Australia, Belize : 14-03-1922 or 03-14-1922
Macau, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom : 1922-03-14 or 14-03-1922
Albania : 1922-03-14 or 14/03/1922
Algeria, Brazil, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Thailand : 14/03/1922
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greenland, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey : 14.03.1922
Austria : 14.3.1922 or 14.3.22 or 14. March 1922 or 14. March 22
Bangladesh : 14-03-22 or 22-03-14
Belgium : 14-03-1922
Turkmenistan : 14.03.1922 or 14.03.22
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia : 14. 3. 1922. or 14. March 1922.
Czech Republic : 14. 3. 1922 or 14. March 1922
Cambodia : 1922-03-14 or 14-03-1922
Canada : 14-03-1922 or 1922 03 14 or 14/03/22 or Mar/14/1922 or Mar 14, 1922 or March 14, 1922 or March-14-22 or 1922-03-14 or 14 March 1922
China, Lithuania, Taiwan - Republic of China : 1922-03-14
Denmark : 14-03-1922 or 14-03-22 or 1922-03-14 or 19220314 or 14. March 1922 or 14/3-22 or 14/3-1922
Estonia : 14.3.1922 or 14. March 1922
Finland, Serbia : 14.3.1922 or 14. March 1922
France, Ireland : 14/03/1922 or 14-03-1922
Germany : 14.03.22 or 14.3.22 or 14.03.1922 or 14.3.1922 or 1922-03-14 or 14. March 1922
Hong Kong : 14/03/22 or 14/3/22 or 14/03/1922 or 14/3/1922 or 1922/03/14
Hungary : 1922. 03. 14.
India : 14-03-1922 or 19220314 or 1922 03 14 or 1922-03-14
Iran : 1922/03/14 or 22/3/14 or 1922-03-14 or 14 March 1922
Kazakhstan : 1922.14.03 or 14.03.1922 or 14.03.22
Kenya : 22/03/14 or 14/03/1922 or 3/14/1922
Korea : 1922.03.14 or 1922/03/14
Latvia : 14.03.1922 or 1922.03.14
Luxembourg : 14/03/1922 or 14.3.1922
Maldives : th 1922f March, 1922 or 14.03.1922 or 14.03.22 or 14/03/22 or 14/03/1922 or 14-03-22 or 14-03-1922
Mongolia : 1922.03.14
Montenegro : 14.3.1922
Netherlands : 14-03-22 or 14-03-1922 or 14 March 22 or 14 March 1922
Nigeria : 14/03/22
Norway : 14.03.1922 or 140322 or 1922-03-14 or 14/3-22
Pakistan, Spain : 14/03/22 or 14/03/1922
Philippines : March 14, 1922 or 14-03-1922
Portugal : 14/03/1922 or 14-03-1922 or 1922-03-14
Poland : 14.03.1922
Romania : 14.03.1922 or 14-Mar-1922
Russia : 14.03.1922 or 14.03.22
Saudi Arabia : 14/03/1922 or 03/14/1922
Slovakia : 14. 03. 1922
Slovenia : 1922.03.14 or 14.3.1922 or 14. March 1922
South Africa : 1922-03-14 or 14/3/22
Sweden : 1922-03-14 or 14/3 1922 or 14/3 -22 or 14.03.1922
Ukraine : 14.03.22 or 14.03.1922 or 14/03/1922
United States of America : 03/14/22 or 03/14/1922 or 14 March 1922 or 14 Mar 1922 or 1922-03-14
Uzbekistan : 14.03.1922 or 14/03 1922