Ken Day

It happened on the March 13

Ken Day celebrates the occasion in 1961 when Barbie’s long-term on-off boyfriend, Ken Carson, first appeared on the scene, exhibited by his makers Mattel at a toy fair. In spite of some unfair comments about his manliness, and the rather more likely suggestions that he cared more about his clothes than his love life, the romance blossomed. The couple had a brief separation in the 1960’s, but then stayed together until 2004. Then, in a move that shocked the world of plastic celebrities, Barbie announced their break-up, and transferred her affections to Blaine Gordon, an Australian surfing dude. Ken hadn’t given up though, and in 2011 made some much-publicised attempts to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary by winning her back.

Ken Day is probably best celebrated with a wholesome date night or a barbecue on the beach, a very large hair-do and some polyester leisure wear.

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