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Pharmacist Day implores us to take a moment to think of all the people who work as pharmacists. They only see us when we're sick with a cold, cough, measles...

History Facts:

12-01-1777 Mission Santa Clara de Asis founded in Cal
12-01-1820 Royal Astronomical Society founded in England
12-01-1836 Battle of Wetumka Fla
12-01-1945 US Navy destroys 41 Jap ships in Battle of S China Sea
12-01-1969 AFC wins its 1st Super Bowl (III) (NY Jets 16 Balt Colts 7)
12-01-1971 All in the Family premiers
12-01-1986 24th Space Shuttle Mission - Columbia 7 is launched

Famous Birthdays:

12-01-1588 John Winthrop, 1st gov of Mass Bay Colony
12-01-1729 Edmund Burke, famous Whig
12-01-1737 John Hancock, Decl of Ind signer (or 0123)
12-01-1856 John Singer Sargent, American painter
12-01-1876 Jack London, writer (Call of the Wild)
12-01-1910 Luise Rainer, Actress
12-01-1913 Edward Gurney, senator
12-01-1920 James Farmer, black activist
12-01-1926 Ray Price, country singer
12-01-1930 Glenn Yarborough, singer