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Garfield The Cat Day is celebrated annually on 19th June. The day is set aside to honour all things related to the ginger feline. Garfield was famously created...
Whether you enjoy your Martini shaken, not stirred, like James Bond, with an olive or as part of a more extravagant cocktail, Martini Day is a great excuse to...
Since 2008, World Sickle Cell Awareness Day has been held annually, in order to help increase public...
Juneteenth commemorates the abolishment of slavery in the United States.
If you’re tired of keeping your feet in stuffy shoes and need an excuse to expose those toes, Flip-Flop Day may just be the answer. People have been wearing...
Take it easy; relax, go for a stroll and enjoy some valuable 'me time' on Sauntering Day - a day which encourages you to slow down and enjoy the world around...

History Facts:

19-06-0240 BC Eratosthenes estimates circumference of earth
19-06-1586 English colonists sailed from Roanoke Island NC
19-06-1756 146 English people imprisoned in Black Hole of Calcutta
19-06-1778 Washington's troops finally leave Valley Forge
19-06-1812 US declares war on England
19-06-1846 1st baseball game-NY Nines 23 Knickerbockers 1 (Hoboken - NJ)
19-06-1861 Anaheim PO established
19-06-1862 Slavery outlawed in US territories
19-06-1867 Mexican Emperor Maximilian executed - Mexican republic restored
19-06-1875 Formal opening of US Marine Hospital at Presidio
19-06-1910 Father's Day celebrated for 1st time in Spokane Wash
19-06-1917 After WW I King George V ordered members of British royal family to dispense with German titles & surnames They took the name Windsor
19-06-1931 1st photoelectric cell installed commercially West Haven Ct
19-06-1932 1st concert given in SF's Stern Grove
19-06-1934 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created
19-06-1946 1st TV sports spectacular - Joe Louis vs Billy Conn
19-06-1947 1st plane to exceed 600 mph - Albert Boyd Muroc Ca
19-06-1953 Julius & Ethel Rosenberg executed at Sing Sing Prison Ossining NY (Julius takes 3 tries - Ethel 5)
19-06-1955 Mickey Mantle hits career HR # 100
19-06-1961 Kuwait gains independence from Britain
19-06-1961 US Supreme Court struck down a provision in Md's constitution requiring state office holders to belief in existence of God
19-06-1963 Charter members of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame chosen
19-06-1963 Valentina Tereshkova 1st woman in space returns to earth
19-06-1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 survived an 83-day filibuster in Senate
19-06-1970 A Nikolayev and V Sevastyanov return after 18 days in Soyuz 9
19-06-1973 Pete Rose & Willie Davis both get career hit # 2000
19-06-1976 US Viking 1 goes into Martian orbit after 10-month flight from earth
19-06-1977 Red Sox set record of 16 HRs in 3 games All against Yanks
19-06-1977 Pope Paul VI makes 19th-cent bishop John Neumann 1st US male saint
19-06-1981 Boeing Coml Chinook two-rotor helicopter gets certified
19-06-1981 European Space Agency's Ariane carries two satellites into orbit
19-06-1986 Artificial heart recipient Murray P Haydon died in Louisville Ky
19-06-1986 Len Bias 1st pick of Celtics suffers fatal cocaine-induced seizure
19-06-1987 Wee Willie Keeler's 44 game hitting streak ends

Famous Birthdays:

19-06-1556 James VI, of Scotland (1567-1625)/James I of England (1603-25)
19-06-1623 Blaise Pascal, mathematician, physicist, religious writer
19-06-1856 Elbert Hubbard, Essayist
19-06-1896 Duchess of Windsor, divorcee
19-06-1902 Guy Lombardo, conductor
19-06-1903 Henry Louis Gehrig Yankees,"Iron Horse"
19-06-1908 Quentin N Burdick, (Sen-D-NC)
19-06-1908 Mildred Natwick, Actress
19-06-1909 Osamu Dazai, Japanese novelist (Tsugaru, No Longer Human)
19-06-1914 Alan Cranston, (Seb-D-CA) Pres candidate
19-06-1919 Pauline Kael, Movie critic
19-06-1921 Louis Jourdan, France
19-06-1921 Howell Heflin, (Sen-D-AL)
19-06-1922 Aage N. Bohr, Danish physicist, studied atomic nucleus (Nobel 1975)
19-06-1924 Leo Nomellini, NFL defensive tackle (San Francisco 49ers)
19-06-1928 Nancy Marchand, Actress
19-06-1932 Pier Angeli, in Italy
19-06-1933 Viktor I. Patsayev, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 11)
19-06-1936 Gena Rowlands, in Cambria Wisc
19-06-1943 Malcolm McDowell, (Clockwork Orange)
19-06-1949 Kathleen Turner, (Peggy Sue got Married)
19-06-1951 Ann Wilson, in San Diego (Heart)
19-06-1959 Mark DeBarge, Rocker
19-06-1978 Garfield, the cat "Big fat hairy deal"