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What could be more fun than spending a sunny day outside planting lupins, poppies or fuchsias? Plant a Flower Day was meant to be enjoyed.
For the 200 million boxes of cookies they bring right to our doors every year alone, Girl Scouts deserve their own holiday. Celebrate it along with them!
Created in 2006 as a joint initiative between the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations, World Kidney Day...

History Facts:

12-03-1664 NJ became a British colony
12-03-1737 Galileo's body moved to Church of Santa Croce in Florence - Italy
12-03-1849 1st gold seekers arrive in Nicaragua en route to Calif
12-03-1850 1st $20 gold piece issued
12-03-1868 Congress abolishes manufactures tax
12-03-1877 British annex Walvis Bay in southern Africa
12-03-1888 Great blizzard of '88 kill 400 in NE US
12-03-1903 AL offically approves NY Highlanders (Yankees)
12-03-1912 Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) founded in Savanah Ga
12-03-1925 1st transatlantic radio broadcast
12-03-1925 Chinese rev leader Sun Yat-Sen died
12-03-1930 Mohandas Gandhi began 200-mile march protesting British salt tax
12-03-1936 FDR's 1st "Fireside Chat"
12-03-1938 Germany invades Austria
12-03-1939 Pope Pius XII crowned in Vatican ceremonies
12-03-1940 Finland surrenders to Russia during WW II
12-03-1945 British Empire Day
12-03-1958 Commonwealth Day
12-03-1959 House joins Senate approving Hawaii statehood
12-03-1963 Bob Dylan cancels Ed Sullivan appearance
12-03-1966 Pioneer Plaza dedicated
12-03-1968 Mauritius gains ind from Britain (Natl Day)
12-03-1969 Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman in London
12-03-1977 Sadat pledges to regain arab terrority from Israel
12-03-1980 Jury finds John Wayne Gacy guilty of murdering 33
12-03-1981 Soyuz T-4 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station
12-03-1981 Walter R T Witschey installs world's largest sundial - Richmond - VA
12-03-1986 210.25 million shares traded in NY Stock Exchange

Famous Birthdays:

12-03-1685 George Berkeley, Irish philosopher & Bishop of Cloyne
12-03-1806 Jane Means Appleton Pierce, 1st lady
12-03-1821 Sir John Abbott, (C) 3rd Canadian PM (1891-92)
12-03-1831 Clement Studebakerk, automobile pioneer
12-03-1832 Charles Boycottk, estate manager, Ireland, caused boycotts
12-03-1921 Gordon MacRaek, singer
12-03-1922 Jack Kerouack, Beat writer (Dharma Bums, On the Road)
12-03-1922 Lane Kirklandk, AFL-CIO head
12-03-1923 Wally M. Schirra, Jr., astronaut (Sigma 7, Gemini 6, Apollo 7)
12-03-1925 Rep Wil G Whitehurst, R-Va
12-03-1926 George R Ariyoshi, Hawaii Gov
12-03-1927 Mstislav Rostropovich, cellist, conductor
12-03-1927 Raul Alfonsin, Presidnet of Argentina
12-03-1928 Edward Albee, playwright
12-03-1932 Andrew Young, (D), Atlanta mayor
12-03-1936 Lloyd Dobyns, NBC newsman
12-03-1940 Millie Perkins
12-03-1941 Barbara Feldon, Pitts Pa (Agent 99-Get Smart)
12-03-1942 Bert Campaneris, baseball player
12-03-1946 Liza Minnelli, singer/Actress (Sterile Cuckoo, Cabaret), LA
12-03-1947 Jill O'Hara, Warren Penn
12-03-1948 James Taylor, singer
12-03-1949 Sara Lane, NYC
12-03-1962 Darryl Strawberry, NY Met