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History Facts:

13-03-1639 Harvard U named for clergyman John Harvard
13-03-1677 Mass gains title to Maine for $6 -000
13-03-1781 Sir William Herschel sees "comet" (really Uranus)
13-03-1852 Uncle Sam debuts in NY Lantern
13-03-1868 Senate begins Pres Andrew Johnson impeachment trial
13-03-1877 Chester Greenwood patents ear muffler
13-03-1881 Tsar Alexander II of Russia assassinated
13-03-1884 US adopts standard time
13-03-1901 Benjamin Harrison - 23rd pres - dies in Indianapolis
13-03-1906 American suffragist Susan B Anthony dies
13-03-1925 Tenn law prohibits teaching evolution
13-03-1928 400 die in St Francis Dam burst (Calif)
13-03-1930 Clyde Tombaugh announces discovery of Pluto at Lowell Observatory
13-03-1938 Anschluá -- Austria joins Nazi Germany
13-03-1938 Attorney Clarence S Darrow dies
13-03-1964 Kitty Genovese stabbed dead - 40 witness attack in Queens
13-03-1969 Apollo 9 returns to Earth
13-03-1970 Digital Equipment Corp introduces PDP-11 minicomputer
13-03-1970 SF city employees start 4 day strike
13-03-1979 Gairy dictatorship in Grenada overthrown by New Jewel Movement
13-03-1979 Isle's Mike Bossy's 5th career hat trick
13-03-1985 Funeral services held for Konstantin Chernenko (Moscow)
13-03-1986 Soyuz T-15 launched

Famous Birthdays:

13-03-1733 Joseph Priestly, Engl, clergyman, discovered oxygen
13-03-1764 Charles, Earl Grey, (Whig), British PM (1830-34)
13-03-1770 Daniel Lambert, English giant (weighed 334 kg at death)
13-03-1781 Johann Wyss, Switz, Author
13-03-1798 Abigail Powers Fillmore, 1st lady
13-03-1855 Percival Lowell, predicted discovery of Pluto
13-03-1911 L. Ron Hubbard, scientologist
13-03-1913 William J. Casey, headed CIA during Iran-contra scandal
13-03-1914 Sammy Kaye, Bandleader
13-03-1918 George McAfee, NFL halfback (Chicago Bears)
13-03-1926 Ra£l Alfons¡n, Argentine pres (1983-, )
13-03-1931 Rosalind Elias, Opera singer
13-03-1939 Neil Sedaka, singer, Bkln
13-03-1946 Steve Kanaly
13-03-1953 Deborah Raffin, LA