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History Facts:

16-05-1571 Johannes Kepler - by his own calculations - is conceived at 4:37 AM
16-05-1763 James Boswell meets Samuel Johnson - in London
16-05-1770 Marie Antoinette marries future King Louis XVI of France
16-05-1866 Congress authorizes nickel 5› piece (replaces silver half-dime)
16-05-1868 President Johnson acquitted in Senate - by 1 vote
16-05-1872 Metropolitan Gas Company lamps lit for 1st time
16-05-1914 Ewing Field - near Masonic Street - opens
16-05-1920 Joan of Arc was canonized in Rome
16-05-1927 Bob Meusel steals 2nd 3rd & Home
16-05-1929 1st Academy Awards (Best film is Wings)
16-05-1948 Israel issues its 1st stamps
16-05-1955 American author & critic James Agee died in NY
16-05-1956 Kraft Theatre presented an act from Profiles in Courage
16-05-1957 Yanks involved in Copacabana Incident - leads to Billy Martin trade
16-05-1963 Gordon Cooper completes 22 Earth orbits in Faith 7
16-05-1969 Venera 5 lands on Venus
16-05-1971 1st class postage now costs 8› (was 6›)
16-05-1975 Japanese Junko Tabei became 1st woman to reach Mt Everest's summit
16-05-1982 Canucks 1-Isles 3 - Stanley Cup- Isles win cup 4-0 (15-4)
16-05-1983 Isles win 3rd Cup in row def Canucks in Vancouver 3-1 in game 4

Famous Birthdays:

16-05-1763 Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin, chemist, discoverer of chromium, beryllium
16-05-1801 William H. Seward, bought Alaska
16-05-1824 Levi Parsons Morton, (R), 22nd US VP (1889-93)
16-05-1905 Henry Fonda, Actor (Mr. Roberts) Grand Is Nebraska
16-05-1912 Studs Terkel, author (Working)
16-05-1913 Woody Herman, Bandleader
16-05-1919 Liberace (Wladziu Liberace), candelabrist
16-05-1924 Frank F. Mankiewicz, columnist
16-05-1928 Billy Martin, baseball manager (NY Yankees, Oakland A's)
16-05-1931 Lowell Weicker, R-Conn, Sen
16-05-1952 Pierce Brosnan, in Israel
16-05-1955 Debra Winger, in Columbus Oh (Officer & Gentleman)
16-05-1955 Olga Korbut, Soviet Olympic gymnast
16-05-1966 Janet Jackson, singer/Michael's sister